Miss Michelle in a parent consultation

Let us help you calm the chaos of life with children and make room for more fun! We are honored to assist families in reclaiming calm within the busyness of life. We can help you develop family routines to manage working from home with children as your co-workers, help you organize your home to encourage self-help skills with your tiny humans, and help you find solutions to many of the challenges you face as a parent, especially with these recent life changes.


Miss Michelle is ready to speak to community groups and online conferences about how now, more than ever, play is the most important thing we can include in our days. Michelle is available to speak through video conference on a variety of topics to help audiences learn why play is important and how they can include more of it in their days. She is also able to facilitate support groups for parents, childcare providers, and anyone needing connection.

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”
~Friedrich Nietzche

The mission of Wild About Play is to encourage play for every single human, no matter their age, physical capability, employment status, income level, skin color, or any of the myriad of differences that sometimes divide us as a community.

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