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  • Voice Choices Sticks

    Voice Choices Sticks

    Sticks to select a voice while playing or being creative.  Includes a variety of voices including animals and basic sounds.  Pair with a rhyme or chant to create a simple literacy activity to enhance learning with your tiny humans or even to play up your grown up gatherings and creative sessions.

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  • Movement Choices Sticks

    Movement Choices Sticks

    Sticks to select a movement action while playing.  Includes a variety of actions including animals and basic body movement.  Pair with a physical or virtual die to create a simple movement game for getting the wiggles out with your tiny humans or energizing your staff meetings.

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  • Invention Kit

    Large Invention Kit:

    Our large invention kit contains 40-50 items, approximately 50% that have been diverted from the landfill.  Actual kit appearance and items will vary depending on items gleaned from the community. Items are used to invent an item of the user’s choosing.  The user (or the user’s grown up) can use any adhesives they wish to use (or are given) including masking tape, white glue, packing tape, duct tape, hot glue, or whatever else you have on hand.

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